Kanye West’s zero budget Super Bowl commercial hailed as ‘genius’: Watch

Kanye West’s zero budget Super Bowl commercial stood out among the other big budgeted commercials

Kanye West spent $7million on a Super Bowl commercial spot for his brand Yeezy, but none on the commercial itself, instead airing a homemade video.

Kanye enjoyed the big game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas as the Kansas City Chiefs beat San Francisco 49ers with a score of 25-22.

He donned an Alexander McQueen designed crucifix mask to the game, and added to the unusual style with the 25-second homemade slip.

In the video, which seemed to be filmed on a mobile phone, the Runaway rapper sat in the back of his car. He simply told his fans to head over to the Yeezy website and buy the new merchandise.

“Since we spent all the money on the commercial spot we actually didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial. But the idea is I want you to go to Yeezy.com, and I got some shoes, and ummmm… that’s it.”

Other brands, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Mountain Dew, Uber Eats and Oreo not only spent $7million each on the commercial spots, but also made high budget ads for the most watched event in the world.

Fans on X think Kanye’s ad was in fact a stroke of marketing genius, with one writing, “The genius that is Kanye West. Put a commercial on the Super Bowl that will trend beyond the Super Bowl.”

Another agreed: “I didn’t watch the Superbowl but I have seen this ad 3 times. Pretty genius of you actually.”

“Greatest Super Bowl commercial there is,” wrote a third.

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