Kanye West says ‘Vulture’ saved him from cancellation, near bankruptcy

Kanye West issued an apology in Hebrew ahead of the release of his new album ‘Vultures’

Kanye West is grateful to live to fight another day.

Speaking to TMZ about the success of his new album Vultures, the legendary rapper reflected on how he survived his anti-Semitic controversy storm, which, according to him nearly drove him to bankruptcy and the “brink” of cancellation.

Raving over Vultures peaking at “number one all over the world,” Kanye further reflected, “Imma just be honest with y’all. I was two months from going bankrupt, and I put everything I had into it.”

He continued, “We moved to Italy. We moved to the factories, and we survived. We survived through the cancellation. We’re back No. 1.”

The Runaway hitmaker credited his “various skill sets of music and clothing and the fanbase” avoiding being “destroyed.”

“But because we had all those skill sets, somehow I’m here inside of this universe able to fight,” he expressed.

Upon being questioned about his past anti-Semitic comments, for which he previously issued an apology in Hebrew only to dig his grave even deeper, Kanye simply responded, “They got the right to their opinion – I got the right to my opinion.”

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Notably, the Praise God rapper came under fire once again for referring to himself as “anti-Semite” on new album Vultures.

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