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In a surprising collaboration that sent the internet into fits, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh recently joined forces with American adult star Johnny Sins for a hilarious men’s sexual health advertisement. The unconventional ad, which puts an informative spin on the exaggerated Indian saas-bahu soap drama format, has amassed over 450,000 likes on IG.

Shared as a collaborative post by Ranveer and sexual health brand Bold Care, the ad marks Sins Indian advertisement debut and has ignited a social media frenzy, with users expressing a mix of surprise, amusement and praise for the bold approach to a sensitive topic.

IG users took to the replies under the post including prominent names like Indian actor Arjun Kapoor who appreciated Ranveer’s daring venture. “Baba, you are bold and beautiful for doing this,” penned The Lady Killer actor. Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel also joined the uproar, saying, “This was so creative,” with a succession of clap emojis.

Netflix series Class actor Gurfateh Pirzada declared the ad “epic” whereas Vikrant Massey of the recent blockbuster 12th Fail reacted with a series of laughing emoticons. Raj Kundra, Indian businessman and husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, commented, “By far one of the most creative, out of the box ads I have ever seen. Only Ranveer Singh could pull this off so well.”

One IG user remarked, “I want to know who was the casting director of this ad. I want to give him a Nobel Prize.” Another commended Ranveer for taking an ‘important initiative for men’s health.’ The compliment was endorsed by others who maintained that the Ramleela actor can pull off anything. “The only person that will ever talk about men’s health openly and in an entertaining way, you go Ranvuu,” replied one fan endearingly.

Ranveer sharing the screen with Johnny might have started a fanbase of its own with one comment calling the duo better than the Marvel Comics Universe superheroes Deadpool and Wolvervine. “MCU: Avengers: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover event in history, Ranveer Singh: Hold my beer,” another IG user lauded the Bollywood icon’s partnership with Johnny.

Others were so swept by the ad’s witty plot that requests for a sequel (or more) are already piling up. “Where are more episodes? Need 10 more seasons at least,” claimed one fan while another insisted, “I would watch this one definitely for the plot.”

“You have ‘unlocked’ a new level of being sassy,” quipped one reply, referring to a key and lock-related innuendo from the ad. Even those who don’t know what to make of this awareness skit have to say, “Hold on wt*, what just happened, I’m so confused. But I enjoyed it.”

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