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Stress rises if there is no intimacy between the husband and wife.

Individuals who feel dissatisfied with their sexual needs and experience prolonged longing may eventually seek fulfilment through extramarital relationships.

Marriage is more than just a contract for property and children. It’s about a lifelong connection of mind and body between a man and a woman. When partners are emotionally connected, their physical bond strengthens naturally. However, if there is no intimacy, it affects the marriage, causing consequences for both partners. Here are 7 problems that couples face in a sexless marriage.

Lack of Anger Management

Lack of conjugal intimacy between husband and wife can lead to a decrease in mental harmony, potentially resulting in increased anger for both partners. When individuals are not experiencing emotional fulfilment, they may become more prone to unnecessary arguments and conflicts.

Increased Stress

Stress levels are likely to rise if there is a lack of intimacy between the husband and wife, significantly impacting the couple’s mental health.

Lack of Communication

Avoiding intimacy in marriage can hinder communication between couples. They may refrain from expressing their true feelings to each other, keeping their happiness or sadness bottled up inside. This lack of openness can strain the relationship and prevent effective communication.

Kills Self-Confidence

Rejecting advances from a spouse can shatter their self-confidence, leading to feelings of resentment and negatively impacting their morale.


Couples who enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship typically experience restful sleep afterwards. However, if marital intimacy is lacking, insomnia may become a problem.

Increased Social Media Usage

Frustrated by unmet sexual needs, some individuals may turn to social media to engage with strangers, while others may take it a step further and pursue direct dating through dating apps.

Extramarital affair

Individuals who feel dissatisfied with their sexual needs and experience prolonged longing and suffering may eventually seek fulfilment through extramarital relationships. If their desires are not met within their marriage, they may consider seeking satisfaction outside of it.

Sexual intimacy in marriage holds equal importance to emotional love. Amidst the daily challenges of married life, couples should prioritize their sexual relationship. However, discrepancies in sexual desire between partners can lead to intimacy issues. When one partner loses interest in sexual activities, it can cause significant frustration and strain on the marriage.

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