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While millions of Pakistanis continue to await a decisive outcome to the general election 2024 on Thursday, all major political parties have claimed victory amid rigging allegations. With 20 provincial assembly seats from the Karachi Division, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) held a celebration made more dazzling by the appearance of a certain celebrity couple.

In a brief video clip making rounds on the internet, Pakistani actor duo Hira and Mani were seen in attendance at MQM-P’s event in Karachi. Receiving the mic from her husband, Hira addressed a cheering crowd with a slogan heralding the party’s leader Mustafa Kamal. 

“All of us sisters, mothers and women, our brother is here and he is Mustafa Kamal. Now all of us will live in Karachi in peace,” the Kashf actor said. “Our roads will be built, we will get our rights and we will live with courage because now Karachi has Mustafa Kamal.” 

Concluding her brief speech on a passionate note, Hira went to sing the song of her 2019 blockbuster drama series Meray Pass Tum Ho. The actor also encouraged everyone to join her as she serenaded the jubilant crowd. 

Taking the stage amidst cheers and applause, her husband, Mani extended congratulations to MQM-P, expressing his surprise, “I never thought I would be in an MQM Pakistan’s show. All my life I campaigned against MQM but there’s one person who brought me here, who always brings me to a new place, that’s Mustafa Kamal.”

In November, Hira drew the attention of fans with a heartfelt and introspective Instagram post, relaying a nostalgic journey through cherished memories. Sharing a series of images and videos capturing moments of joy and connection, the versatile artist conveyed a profound message alongside the visual snippets.

In the post, written primarily in Urdu, Hira expressed the profound beauty she finds in the days spent with loved ones. Describing these moments as “immensely beautiful,” she articulated a desire to preserve the happiness derived from the people who hold a special place in her heart. “The days spent with loved ones are immensely beautiful,” she wrote. “I wish I could capture all this happiness forever, the happiness that I get from my people.”

The post features a video where she gracefully receives a flower, offering a glimpse into the genuine joy that emanates from meaningful connections. Other images and videos in the carousel post include time spent with loved ones – moments of joy captured on film, recorded forever. 

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