Ed Zwick suggests an unconventional way for Jake Gyllenhaal’s role prep

Ed Zwick, director of ‘Love & Other Drugs’ recently revealed that he pushed Jake Gyllenhaal out of his comfort zone to prepare for his character

Ed Zwick suggests an unconventional way for Jake Gyllenhaal’s role prep 

American filmmaker, Ed Zwick revealed his innovative way of preparing Jake Gyllenhaal in his film Love & Other Drugs.

In his new memoir Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood, Ed Zwick revealed a humours way to get Jake Gyllenhaal into his character of Jamie Randall.

For those unversed, Jamie Randall is a character portrayed by Gyllenhaal in the 2010 rom-com Love & Other Drugs, opposite Anne Hatheway (Maggie Murdock). The film follows the story of a charming and flirtatious pharmaceutical salesman and a carefree artist (Anne Hatheway) who struggles with Parkinson’s disease. The movie explores their relationship as they deal with the challenges of Maggie’s illness.

In the memoir, Zwick wrote, “His job as a salesman takes second place to his vocation, which is hitting on women. That wasn’t Jake’s style at all.”

Later during dinner, Zwick saw an opportunity as Gyllenhaal was looking at a woman and forced him to get her number. After resisting the director’s out-of-the-box request for a while, Gyllenhaal finally agreed to the task and returned with a triumphant grin and a number written on a napkin.

Although Zwick refused to take credit for preparing Gyllenhaal for the role, he did appreciate his work in the movie stating that he was ‘damn good’. The 43 year old actor also won a Satellite Award for his role and received a nod for Best Leading Actor in a Comedy or Musical at the 68th Golden Globe Awards. 

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