BoA’s character ‘is the biggest problem’ in ‘Marry My Husband’, critics argue

BoA’s character Oh Yu Ra faces backlash from critics

BoA’s character, Oh Yu Ra from K-drama, Marry My Husband, received criticism from the viewers for her performance and storyline. 

Singer BoA is known for playing Na In-woo’s fiancée and an antagonist in an ongoing South Korean television series, written by Shin Yoo-dam.

The critics argued that the actress’ role in the show doesn’t fit well in the storyline, while some even argued that BoA lacks authentic acting skills.

Concerns regarding her facial expressions and vocalizations were raised, which they pointed out inversely affected the show’s narrative. 

In addition, the actress failed to convince the audience of Oh Yu Ra’s significance in the show.

The internet is abuzz with criticism revolving around the character. Taking their concerns to a Korean online community, Korean netizens expressed their sentiments, writing: “Putting acting aside, the character itself is too weird. Is the source material like this too?”

Another one commented: “The character is the biggest problem.”

A third shared their views regarding the character noting: “It’s true, the character is weird but her acting also stands out.”

A user also wrote: “I wish she were at least good at acting.”

Netizens are still waiting to hear back from Marry My Husband, hoping for a satisfying reasoning from the headquarters. 

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